No Court Appearance or Office Visits Necessary!


How it Works

Divorce Process

Divorce isn’t an easy thing to go through. People going through a divorce often feel confused, frustrated, and scared. Your divorce doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Let us help. It can be easier!

Here is a brief overview of the process when you use Legal Alternatives’ service:

Step 1.

We receive the completed questionnaire and prepare ALL your divorce documents.This includes parenting plans if there are children and property and debt division of assets and debts.

Step 2.

The completed documents are mailed to you for signature. You mail or take the signed and completed documents to the court for filing.

Step 3.

A judge will sign your divorce judgement-Decree if uncontested and your divorce will be final. An Oregon Co-petition could be final in less than 2 weeks and if the spouse is served (single petition) you could be divorced in 5-6 weeks. Washington divorces will usually take about 3-4 months to be final. There will be no court appearance in Oregon and none in Washington unless you are filing a single petition. (For single petition divorces in Washington, you will have one hearing before a judge in your county of residence.)

Step 4.

When your divorce is signed by a judge you will receive a letter stating your divorce is final.


Yes! It CAN be that simple!