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Legal Alternatives FAQs

How long have you been in business?

Our staff has been preparing uncontested divorces since 1985. Thousands have been sucessfully prepared.

What will you do for the Divorce document fee of $130.00 to $175.00? Will there be any “hidden” costs?

For our fee we will fully prepare, type and copy all the divorce forms needed to obtain your dissolution of marriage. We will have no “hidden” charges. The court will have a filing fee paid directly to the court at the time of filing. This varies from county to county.

Why are your fees so low?

We have been preparing divorces since 1985. We deal only in Oregon and Washington and do a large volume business.We don’t need to charge huge fees to make a reasonable profit. People going through divorce need their money for other purposes,such as the support of their children and maintaining their level of life style on reduced income.

How do I start a Divorce with Legal Alternatives?

Go to the Questionnaire page and fill in (or print out) the form. This will need to be completed by you and returned to us. This gives us all the information we will need to fully prepare all of your divorce documents required by your state.

Will my Divorce be generic, or will my personal needs such as child support, visitation and bill division be considered?

Every Divorce prepared by Legal Alternatives is customized to your personal needs and directions. This will not be a generic process.

What if my Divorce is contested?

Very few Divorces are legally contested. Contesting a divorce is very expensive and most people do not have this kind of money to pay lawyers. If your divorce is contested, you will want to contact a local professional who can advise you. They will be able to take over your case if you choose. You will still have saved a considerable amount of money. Remember… VERY FEW DIVORCES ARE CONTESTED.

Is it necessary to have a lawyer if I want a divorce?

If the divorce is uncontested it is not necessary to have a lawyer. If your spouse will fight you in court, you may consider hiring a lawyer. Remember, most divorces are uncontested and never lead to a court fight. If you file a divorce using our services and it is contested by your spouse, you can then hire a lawyer to take over. This will still have saved you a considerable amount of money in most situations.

What is your mailing address?

Legal Alternatives, 6442 SE 91st Ave. Portland, OR 97266

Please contact us for more information. We’ll be glad to help.